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years back, but now she's returning to a house. she has to pick up life where she was ten years ago. now she has a child, now she has a whole other story to relive. >> these young girls interrupted at such a vital time in their lives, now coming back safely, hopefully the immediatia again will respect the wishes of the berry family, to please respect their privacies. thank you so much. that will do it for me today. i'm going to hand you over to alex wagner, who will pick up the hour with, "now." say manda berry, one of the three women in cleveland held as a captive, has just returned home. meanwhile, we were get new disturbing details emerging in the case regarding the three women in cleveland who were held as captives, today police are planning to question and could officially charge the three brothers suspected of kidnapping and raping their victims. the three girls all disappeared within a five-block radius and allegedly held captive just three miles away.
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police officials say what happened inside the house reads like a hollywood horror movie. they were subjects of forcible rapes that resulted in multiple pregnancies and miscarriages, kept in separate locked rooms. amanda berry was only able to escaped because the door to her room was left unlocked. they discovered the 6 years old who may be the daughter of amanda berry. ariel castro with a young girl in the park. castro maintained the child belonged to his girlfriend. one neighbor told nbc's jeff rossen that he contacted the police two years ago after a woman holding a child was seen banging on the window for help. >> i called the cops. they pounded maybe about 20 times, something like that, no answer. they shined a light, seen the windows were boarded up, got back inside the squad car and left. >> police maintained they were
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only called to the street twice, once before the kidnappings took place and once in relation to ariel castro's job as a school bus driver. >> we have no indications that any of the neighbors, bystanders, witnesses or anyone else was ever called regarding activity at the house. joining me today author and public radio host curt anderson, msnbc political analyst joan walsh, and glen thrush. joining us from cleveland is craig melvin, also joining me is former fbi profiler clint van zandt. craig, you are on site there. it seems to be obviously understandably a very emotional time for this community in cleveland. give us a sense of what it is like. we are actually in front of the home of the three girls.
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for where they were held for about a deck dade. we saw the image a short time ago of amanda berry's sister coming out and wiping her eyes, clearly overcome by emotion. we had suspected. in faked we heard that amanda berry was going to be coming out to give a statement, but then we found out about ten minutes ago that according to the police and their initial conversations with these three women, that the three women have not seen an adult outside the house where they were being kept for close to a decade. to one might deduce that if you haven't seen an adult for that long of a period of time, then seeing the crush many cameras, seeing the crush of people may have been too much for amanda berry. so again her sister came out and thanks the public for their support and asked the media to respect their privacy. against a short time ago, police sources familiar with the investigation gave us just
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alternates more detail about what went on inside that house. the sources saying that the three women, based on the initial conversation told them of multiple pregnancies, forcible rapes, miscarriages, details of the conditions inside the home. we are expecting formal charges to be filed sometime before 6:00 this evening, formal charges of kidnapping and rape. at this point it is not clear whether all three castro -- we do believe that 52-year-old ariel castro, the alleged mastermind, the ringleader, if you will, we do suspect he will be charged with rape and kidnapping. again, when those formal charges happen, we're also told that there will be at that point another news conference, and hopefully at that point we'll also be able to get a few more answers, to allow the questions -- you asked a few off the top, and we're hearing those
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questions from here on the cease an well, from neighbors. there continue to be reports of people who saw something. there was a report yesterday of a neighbor who saw a few years back a naked woman crawling around in the backyard. you just played the interview with the neighbor with jeff rossen. police have been asked about this repeatedly, and they continue to insist that reports of multiple calls to 911 are false. that's what we're hearing from the police. >> and that's something i want to ask clint about. is this discrepancy between what we're hearing from the community and from law enforcement. neighbors say they sauce suspicious activities taking place at the house. there was? cause for concern or at least alarm. police are saying there was not linking the community sort of -- what the community was saying to actual police reports. how much is that sort of going to be combed over in the coming
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days and weeks as we try to make sense of this thing? >> well, it's going to have to be, one of at least three different things. number one, they could have been neighboring who simply waved down police cars or squad cars, told officers. they checked real quick and went back on patrol, had to go on another call, something like that, and didn't make any type of official entry. the police somehow may not have recorded that, or it could be, in all honesty, what i've seen before, people who wish they would have done something, who saw something, who heard something, who wished they would have heard or seen something and may well embellish. we don't know where the reality is. the only reality we have right now is these three young women have been returned after ten years. you know, as i was talking to your colleague thomas last hour, this is like p.o.w.s being released from the hanoi hilton or something. in this case young women -- you know, she was 16 when taken.
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she's now 26. when you come back, though, it's almost like returning in a child-like mind. she's walking around, she's touching her house, touching things in her bedroom. she's going to -- she's getting all of these old memories back again. so you can imagine, especially, you know, if she's been deprived of all of this for ten years, and you look out the front door and see this crush of reporters and people, when you may have gone days without conversation with anyone. this is going to be a tough reintroduction. >> i think that it is, of course, a happy ending, because these women have been found, but to say their voyage is finished is a gross understatement. i want to go to our panel in new york here, joan. i think one of the most heartening things in this whole story, aside from the women being found and released is charles ramsey, the neighbor, who went to the door. i figured it was a domestic violence dispute. in the new yorkers it's written
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that a line like that has been offered for an excuse walking away, not for helping a woman break down your neighbor's door. how many women have died as a result? they didn't yet. violence against women generally is not given the attention that it deserves, and for this neighborhood to not have anything inkling of what was happening, about you to and. >> he's a hero. we're going to have to look for things to be happy about in this story. charles ramsey is one of them, but domestic violence action and a scene like this is disgusting and deappraised, but people look away from troubled home and look away from women suffering all the time, so the idea that he didn't, he put his life on the line really to save her is awesome. i don't know what to make. we're going to have to tease out what's going on with the police and neighbors. it is possible neighbors says we wished we called. it's also quite possible they
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did call. we've had other situations in cities, in cleveland where 11 african-american women were murdered, found buried under the house. the neighbors had been complaining for ages and there was no action. so this is kind of a forgotten neighborhood, this is a lost neighborhood, a multiracial neighborhood of some high poverty action and it's the kind of neighborhood that doesn't get enough attention. >> well, it brings to the fo fore -- fore, but an then zowalt sentenced for raping and killing 11 women. he was a registered sex offender, neighbors complained. they accepted they smelled a stench and were given the brush-off. it brings to the fore how much -- if we are an equitable society, whether everybody is treated equal, in terms of actual assistance, and the sense
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that a community is sort of crying out here, and perhaps law enforcement did 23409 respond adequately. as joan says, we can only speculate and therefore we shouldn't speculate too much, but i just find it astonishing that yes, poor neighborhoods probably in this case action and as in other cities, get less attention when somebody sees something strange from law infers muppet, but having just served on a grand jury in brooklyn new york for the last two weeks, and seeing how -- of course we're seeing the as a result of people brought to justice for domestic violence, given i've just witnessed how the law enforcement system works. i am agog that it didn't for so long. furthermore, three of these guys. my belief has always been that
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conspiracies don't work, because the longer you have, the more somebody will talk, i am left speechless. >> this is one of the most infuriating stories i've seen this is incompetent, as it appears prima facie to be really incompetent police work. three individuals, three kids missing in a discrete area. what the hell happened with the cold case on this? i mean, i think this department, with all due respect to clint van zandt, who was saying perhaps people didn't call. that's baloney. i'll bell you'll find a whole trail. the question here is the competent of the police department. they should not be let off the hook. >> by the way, if you have police doing proper policing, who would see this strange, boarded up, lights on, what's going on house? after ten years, no police officer in cleveland says, what is it with that house? >> after 2009, when there was a specific man dade to improve their missing persons department. craig, bev we let you go, you
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were mentioning in the last hours ashley summers who also went missing. is there some thinking she might be involved in this ring as well? >> reporter: well, the investigators at in the point are being very careful not to draw any sort of connection between the two, but they have said, according to a police spokesperson this morning, they do want to talk to all three of the women who were held captive about ashley summers. she would be 20 now, she was 14 when she went missing. she lived in the same neighborhood. quite frankly she looked like the other three girls as well. but again at this point investigators are not saying they think that ashley summers may have been here but they do want to talk to the three girls. quite frankly, there's a good chance that they have already talked about ashley summers, but we aren't hearing what's come out of that conversation. >> thank you both for your time. after the break, lawmakers
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on capitol hill are now putting the attack on the embassy in benghazi under the microscope. we'll get analysis from ayman
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despite an sent investigation, 25,000 pages of documents and hours upon hours of testimony from top officials, including the secretary of defense, the secretary of state and joint chief of staff, republicans remain unconvinced. they say benghazi is a cover-up. >> we also want to make heron or
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government learns the proper lessons, so that it never happens again, so that the right people are held accountable. the administration has not been cooperative. unfortunately or minority has mostly sat silent as we made they requests. i still hold out hope that one day you will stand with me as this administration doesn't cooperate. when they ignore our inquiries. when that day come together, we will be far more effective. >> the top democrat on the committee shall another view. >> we have seen a full-scale media campaign. but rather, a launch of unfounded accusations to smear public officials. >> the hearing is officially titled exposing failure and recognizing courage.
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one that resulted in the deaths of four americans. will deliver explosive testimony, unless that will prove top officials were engaged in a delivered cover-up. where spectators just won't believe their ears, then someone forget to tell the new york times. s much of what hicks is expected to say that he besieged, and other officials were told to stand down would raise questions. and in a critical report by the state department. in fact, they have admitted that they didn't have the you can't.
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in an art from november of last year, it is times reported at the heart of the issue is an africa command. it doesn't have on hand what every -- its own force, able to respond rapidly to emergencies. for those ring leaders looking to shock and awe with details, the fact-based explanations don't and do not exactly satisfy. in fact, the republican appetite for something juicy is so lusty that earlier this year, over 140,000 republicans called for speaker john boehner to create a special committee to investigate the attacks, suggesting today's hearings don't go far enough, how far is far enough? as "the washington post" reports today, republican lawmakers are increasingly focusing their probe on a new target, former secretary of state hillary clinton. senator rand paul weighed in on
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the matter last week, sake her department denied these requests for enhanced security, a dereliction of duty and should preclude her from holding any kind of position where she would be in that kind of authority again, so clinton's dereliction of duty should precludes her from holding office. given the fact that she doesn't hold office anymore, one can only surmise he's refers to 2016, the year in which, coincidence, both he and hillary clinton have been floated as contenders in a presidential election. then those taking the art of wild circumstance come specs even further. enter from the right mike huckabee. >> as the information and facts better again to come out, it will become so solves there was a concerted and very, very deliberate attempt to mislead this country and its people to lie to congress as well as to you, and i believe that boulevard it's all over, this
9:21 am
president will not fill out his full term. >> joining us is ayman mohyeldin from capitol hill, luke russert and on set with us former assistant secretary of state jamie reuben. mike huckabee things he'll get k3w50e67d other benghazi, do you? >> no. this is absurd. there was a policy issue of the reechblgen commanders not having the equipment. those are legitimate questions, should be had should be delivered, but this attempt to criminalize policy differences
9:22 am
they obviously wildly out of their depth and what it's like to operate in the fog of battle. you're trying to respond to the press. the lessen is slow down, wait until you get all the facts hold off on the likes of you, and then when you don't get your facts, answer them. obviously it became troublesome. >> this is also a question of a changing region, right? the quote i read from the "new york times" outlined specifically africa command and there were no forces at the ready. that is in as much to the changing nature of threat in africa where al qaeda is increasingly more powerful, stronger networks, and also to
9:23 am
the arash spring. we basically had a defense strategy in place from 2007 that was no longer relevant or really up to snuff, as it were, for 2012. >> well, there is no doubt about it. in fact, you know, when you talk about the changes across that part of the world, so much of america's security interests were done by the rejeeps that were there in place. there's also a dynamic to this which is unfolding, in which there's a combustible street-level frustration, sometimes anger that semis over into violence with many of these countries completely incompetent, they don't have a police force. in the case of libya, that's probably more evidence than any other country where there was a complete collapse of the state, no police force essentially guarding the u.s. embassy, and that puts much more pressure on the u.s. government and its facilities to make sure there are adequate resources in the region, certainly one of the lessons since these attacks that i'm sure u.s. policy makers have become more aware of.
9:24 am
>> luke, you were there in the belly of the beast, as these proceeds continue onward. look, we have discussed the reasoning, the sort of findings that panels -- independent panels have come up with, but this doesn't seem to sate the desire. they seem to want a head roll. >> reporter: i wouldn't necessarily put this whole ordeal at the feet of the republican leadership. john boehner is somebody who has not necessarily been involved in this too much on a day-to-day basis. they've let the five committees of jurisdiction carry out the investigation. there was a letter that they wanted a select committee. boehner has said he won't do that right away, because it's a waste of money. what we find interesting is the folks who have been briefed at the highest levels, even mitt romney during the campaign, they didn't make too much of an issue of this when it was actually happening, which leads a lot of people here to believe that what actually happened is still very
9:25 am
much under discussion, is still very much a matter of national security and intelligence matter, hence why you've seen some of the older bulls, more important people not try to politicize it. the people who have been trying to politicize it are more of the red meat of the republican, and what's also -- is some republicans say, look, in regards to this committee, they'll focus on this minute by minute breakdown of what happened in libya, a better source of focus is what the administration did on the sunday morning shows, the talking points. they think there's more energy there, so some question to why rice is going into the recount of the day rather than the administration's response. so it will be interesting to see how this plays out, but there's a distinct difference between what the leadership has done and what the raven and file has done on this form. >> the view from the white house here, as luke said there are two
9:26 am
schools of thoughts here. ted cruz happens to be one, how many minutes did the police sleep that night, which is a paraphrase, but the notice of a ticktock versus what happens on the sunday shows, which i feel like has been litigated over and over and over again, but perhaps there's more appear tide for that. >> i don't think the white house should be let completely off the hook here. i don't want to characterize it as a whitewash, but there was an attempt to put the most flattering possible version of events here, but i think the house republicans are doing what the white house always wants them to do, which is going way, way, way out over their skis. they look ridiculous, and therefore the legitimate criticisms on the white house response to this, the bungling of the talking points, the perhaps strategic deployments are going to get overlooked, so the irony here is this republican blunder bust, and i saw michele bachmann in the
9:27 am
audience. >> taking notes, too. >> great. with a quill pen, presumably. >> as the founding fathers did. >> as the founding fathers would do. it just absolutely oably rates the legitimate criticism. >> and, joan, when you have rand paul saying hillary clinton should not be able to hold office again behalf her work or lack thereof on this case -- >> what office would that be? >> exactly. it looks fairly transparent. >> to go back to something jamie said, i think there's a bipartisan interesting of getting to the bottom of this, because it does raise questions of what we were doing in the shadow of syria, we all want to know why we were so unprepared. so as glen says, you know, they're obscuring what may be interesting policy issues and issues about the response and our capacity to protect our people there, going after this witchhunt for susan rice, and now hillary clinton. >> and any other democrat that
9:28 am
may want to hold higher office in 2016. the matter is ongoing, and we have some testimony from eric nordstrom, regional security officer in benghazi. let's take a look at what he said. >> it matters to me personally, and it matters to my colleagues, to my colleagues at the department of state. it matters to the american public for whom we serve. >> jamie, all of it is not meant to underplay the tragedy that happening, the killing of a u.s. ambassador and several others. at the same time there was a confirmation hearing for the person that will replace chris stevens a few days ago, and only three members of the senate committee attended that meeting. if there is a real concern about what we are doing over there, what precautions we are going to be taking, what the ambassador's role will be, how he or she, likely a she, will behave in future situations, why not attend that area and ask some
9:29 am
questions? >> that's right. because those are the hard, detailed policy work of senators and congressmen that unfortunately gets lost in the modern system. we only have one committee chairman that shows up, but -- but i think i would point out these guys who protect diplomatses, the gentlemen who was just testifying, these are pretty gruesome situations, where your friends and colleagues are killed, and when that happens, i know i worked in the government during the east africa bombings, and there were a lot of tough questions raised by the ambassador there. could we have done more? usually the answer is, yes, you could have always done more, and some of this paperwork never gets the attention it deserves, because everyone comes in and wants more for their situation, budgets are tight, and sometimes the regional security officers go through intense pain. i think the one part of this story that hasn't gotten enough attention is chris stevens, the
9:30 am
ambassador was a unique individual. he had relationships with the libyan government. he was there during the rebellion, and he was thought of as mr. libya. and so his comfort level was sort of taken as how can i be more holier than the pope. and unfortunately, the personality of politics never really comes across in these debates. chris, you know, a brilliant guy, a wonderful guy i obviously several the loss, but he had the best -- and so nobody thought to second-guess him. in the end i think that's part of the story. joe decline writes about the security question, saying -- who is to blame for the lacks security? could it have been the secretary of state? undoubt think no. could it have been the republicans who consistent lid voted against funds for
9:31 am
increased embassy security? the sins of politics are not mortal, but one does wonder why republicans ten to affix on this. >> one of the astonishs things about this, what everyone else has said about the real policy issues and real learning opportunity issues raised here, how can we do this better, is this isn't getting any traction beyond a part of the? republican party. it is a base issue, as luke said, red meat members of the house are bringing up, and keeping that part of their party on a roil. but i find it strange, just from a political point of view, that they were spending so much politic political bashing the administration on this -- >> well, remember mitt romney, in the foreign policy debate sat on his hands on benghazi,
9:32 am
because the determination was made that it was a nonstarting in the previous debates. it doesn't poll. it doesn't poll then and doesn't poll now. >> the reason 2 doesn't poll is, let's face it, i have been very open on disagreements with the administration, but on terrorism, and counter-terrorism, this administration has a terrific record, whether it's getting bin laden, whether it's the rather popular but questionable use of drones all over the world, and the fact that other than a few small incidents, there hasn't been another attack, and there hasn't really been much to complain about from the right of president obama's counter-terrorism policy. the actual complaints come from the left. >> ayman, i want to ask you about that, what the u.s. has done in the region to increase security. there was talk of opening a drone base in africa.
9:33 am
can you give -- >> well, absolutely, it varies from country to tun, if you take a case like eye jept, the u.s. embassy in downtown cairo, adjacent to several other embassies, that part was pretty much locked out. there was no vehicle traffic, but in the way of the arab uprising or the arab spring, the countries felt that was an infringement on the sovereignty, you had large parts of cities completely blocked off, because these governments were very favorable to western interests not only in their own countries, but across the region. since then, the streets in downtown cairo have been all completely open. that poses a problem certainly for embassies in that area. it poses a security challenge. more importantly as they protests that have become so frequent, against all kinds of policies, both domestically and foreign, you see there's a challenge for embassies, western embassies to try and respect the democratic will of the people,
9:34 am
but other than the maintain their vital security interests at many of these facilities. it's a scene that's repeat it hadself in libya and in tunisia. luke, before we let you go back to the hearing bob corker says -- i feel like i know what happened, i'm fairly safire, but look, if the house wants some hearings, i hope they're done in a respectful way. could this be the end of the benghazi chapped? >> that's a very good question. it all depends on what the red meat area of the house republican conference wants to do. one would suspect, though, that there would come a time when the leadership would try to move the focus back to issues they think he would do better overall in, and gear up for immigration reform. in all honestly which you have steve king of iowa saying this is ten times worse than watergate and iran/contraand there's over 100 members signing
9:35 am
on to have a select committee investigate it, i think we have a few more months of it, especially with the conservative blogosphere beating the drum on this seemingly every day. so i don't think it will go away in the next few months until there's a bigger issue to take the media's focus. >> wow, luke, you just ruined a couple summers say this will drag on for a couple more months. ayman mohyeldin, luke russert and jamie rubin, a trifecta of expert opinion and analysis, thank you for your time. the calls for president obama to intervene in syria grow by the day. will they continue to grow up to the point that the president does something? and then starts being criticized for it. dexter followicer joins us ahead. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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president obama has sever options for syria. we'll weigh the pros and cons, next on "now." marjorie, i can't stand you.
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9:43 am
new yorker" that assad continues a crackdown on his own people. quoting holladay, a former officer, who says assad has been extremely calculating, increasing the levels of rhymens gradually so as not to sell off alarm bells. first artillery, then bombing, then scuds. aiers he wasn't killing 100 people a day. he's introducing chemical weapons gradually, so we get used to him are them. dexter, thank you. i've been quoting bits and pieces of your story all week. it's good to have you here. that quote about the calculated escalation on the part of assad brings to mind that famous quote from the holocaust, first they came for then, then they came for them -- i don't want to draw too many parallels, but tell us about the mind of assad soinchts i think first of all, he's a
9:44 am
member of a minority, 14% of the population, so he is -- he has no incentive, and no expectation that he could ever make a deal. i think he's going to fight to the end. whether that means he ends up hanging from a lightpost in the middle of damascus, or he launches, god forbid, a large-scale chemical weapons attack, he may do it. >> the chemical weapons piece has been seen as the red line, or at least the president proclaimed it a red line. i think what's been lost is a sense that the u.s. actually does have national security interests in terms of getting involved independent of the use of chemical weapons. and you wrote -- you quote john mccain who says in your story, the fall of bashar al assad would be the greatest blow to iran in 25 years, with iran working toward a program of nuclear appears, he suggested an intervention is not just of
9:45 am
humanitarian interest, but also national interest. we're not talking about the congo, rue warda as tragic as those were. that's a fine point, but an important one u. one that's not been made a lot. this is not the same, and as someone who has cared and worked on issues like conga and rwanda, and sedan, there is a strategic interesting of being more involved. >> yes, i mean, if assad is being sustained by a constant flow of iranian transport plans into the airport there, and so you hear people talk about these various options, they start shooting those transport planes down, they bomb the runways, what happens then? but this is iran's most important ally, and they need syria very, very badly, so when senator mccain makes the argument, let's hurt syria, so we can hurt iran, that's a pretty compelling argument, but i think you're talking about two things here, this is obviously a
9:46 am
humanitarian catastrophe. increasingly the war in syria is a strategic catastrophe. if this war goes on another year, it's already spreading, it's spreading into jordan, spreading into lebanon, it's taking off in iraq. can the region sustain it? >> and in terms of the numbers, glen, 1.4 million refugees pouring into neighboring regions, today the u.s. announced additional human teenager assistance in response to syria to the tune of $100 million to the ivan high commissioner for refugees, that will be split among several countries. the question is, i mean, the white house does not want to deal with syria. i think if we know one thing, this is not a problem they want to wrap their arms around. it feels like. >> who would? >> who would? but at the same time they're going to have to, to some degree. >> to me there are two telling incidents in the last week. one was the president saying rather inartfully but accurately
9:47 am
that we're, quote, not doing nothing, which i think is an apt description of the role we're playing at the moment. the other came at a background briefing yesterday in which a i shall call him senior administration official number one, who was talking about all the potential mistakes we could make in terms of rushing to judgment on the sarin intelligence. he was going on and on and on, and senior administration 2 became frustrated with that and said, no, we're talking about iraq. and this person said iraq repeatedly. so i think there is very much of an iraq mind-set in the white house at the moment. >> and some people -- the shadow of iraq almost looms too large over this, because this isn't the same conflict, but i think for the american public, middle east, war, bad, it's all the same, but if you destroy -- look, the united states can destroy the syrian state pretty easily. >> and then what?
9:48 am
i want and then what? exactly. that's baghdad in 2003. so there's got to be some kind of plan. they don't want the state to disintegrate. >> what about the plan that people throw out and say, render their runways unusable, bomb the runways, and have a snow-fly zone at least over the aleppo half of the country. that will make the regime fall action and we won't have an invasion required or an iraq problem. >> right. but at some point that regime is going to go. it's going to crack. so what -- i think what the obama administration is trying to deal with is, what do we on the day after? when these rebel groups, which are now fighting, start fighting each other. >> and the president, as someone who has wound down iraq and afghanistan, starting another war, having that on his hands is not something he really wants. >> i don't think iraq looms too large. i think iraq is a necessary
9:49 am
warning. >> dexter, unfortunately we have to leave it there. thank you for joining us. and we suggest everybody read your great reporting in this week's "new yorker." thanks for your time. last night former governor mark sanford defeated both a cardboard cutout of nancy plosi and real carbon-based life for which. we will look at his victory, just ahead. time for your business entrepreneur of the week, alex garza runs four pizza patron franchises. garza says latino customers are attracted by the friendly bilingual staff and the unique flavors like a jalapeno mix pizza. watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30. we've all had those moments. when you lost the thing you can't believe you lost.
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from the appalachian trail to the top of a kitchen pan, we will look back at mark sanford's long strange trip back to washington. that's next. okay. this, won't take long will it? no, not at all. how many of these can we do on our budget? more than you think. didn't take very long, did it? this spring, dig in and save. that's nice. post it. already did. more saving.
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9:55 am
last night after a long campaign featuring endless mentions of nancy pelosi, mark sanford deleted elizabeth colbert-bush. >> well, better a serial
9:56 am
adulterer who went awol from his last government job than a democrat in that district, alex. i think that's all we can conclude. >> that's our take away. >> i think the early polling had some issue, overestimating the turnout. he was always going to win this. a redemption story you can feel good about? >> you can feel okay about, because after all, compared to, say, an anthony weiner situation or frankly even eliot spitzer sitization, people have affairs all the time, they get over them and, yeah, in terms of, you know, raising the average i.q. of the house caucus by a point on two, he'll be good. it's a low bar glen thrush. we have to leave it there. thank you to all. luke russert is in for me tomorrow, so stay tuned on this channel. "andrea mitchell reports" is coming up next. .. and that much freshness is gonna take some getting used to... [ sniffing ] yep.
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right now on "andrea mitchell reports," an emotional homecoming, as her family asks for privacy. we're learning new disturbing details about the house of horrors on seymour avenue. >> we have confirmation that they were bound and there were chains and ropes in the home. >> she needs an ambulance. >> do you need an ambulance or what? she needs everything. she's in a panic, she's been kidnap, so put yourself in her shoes. >> under review, officials take a closer look at the actions of the 911 dispatcher who failed for stay on the line with amanda berry until police arrive. there you see darrell issa. as we continue to talk about cleveland for a moment. we're talking about savannah grutry's interview on "today" about the mother wanting to reunite with her dgh

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